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Area rugs and specialized rugs are unique investments to make a home or office space stand out, be more comfortable, and boost the occupants’ morale. Rug cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your home or office. While you can do the usual dusting and vacuuming, a professional rug cleaning in Boston will help you preserve the beauty of your rug.

Rug Cleaning Boston

Area rugs and specialized pieces, such as Oriental and Persian rugs, are usually the center of attention in a specific room. They are chosen carefully so that their pattern, texture, color, size, and shape compliments the furniture on them. Rug cleaning is the only way to lengthen the lifespan of your one-of-a-kind investment.

Our Three-Step Rug Cleaning System

Untidy rugs can be where dust, dirt, germs, pet dander, crumbs, moth eggs, molds, and even bacteria hide. It can be your home or office’s most significant hidden health hazard, especially to minors, seniors, and immuno-compromised occupants. Carpet Cleaners Boston MA is a dedicated cleaning company specializing in the cleaning area and specialty rugs. 

We will first do a thorough assessment and treatment planning for your rug. We will confirm the rug’s material (cotton, wool, silk, or mix) and its origin to identify the suitable rug cleaning Boston method, tools, and the solution we should use. We will have a complete examination of your item to pinpoint all areas that need special attention, such as those with stains, extensive dirt, and discoloration.

When we have a full assessment report, we will determine the correct method and cleaning materials. Then, we will proceed with the treatment. Here are our three-step rug treatment methods to bring back the beauty of your unique investment.


Dusting helps to loosen up dust, dry soil,
and crumbs from your rug. Carpet
Cleaners Boston MA uses specifically-
designed equipment for it. This cleaning
method is essential to have a lesser
soaking, washing, and scrubbing time.


Once completed, we will prepare the rug for washing. We can hand-washed, or machine washed your rug. We have a special rug washer that can clean your rug thoroughly yet in a gentle way. Our expert cleaners also specialize in stain removal and damage control.


After washing and rinsing off the cleaning
solution on the rug, we will put it in
temperature-controlled equipment.
Carpet Cleaners Boston MA uses a highly-
specialized drying machine to ensure that
your rug comes out soft and clean.


Dusting helps to loosen up dust, dry soil, and crumbs from your rug. Carpet Cleaners Boston MA uses specifically-designed equipment for it. This cleaning method is essential to have a lesser soaking, washing, and scrubbing time.

Soaking and Washing

Once the dusting process is finished, the next thing we will do is soak your rug. Typically, we need to thoroughly wash your rug with water and our carefully- selected cleaning solution. Soaking is to eliminate unwanted odor, bacteria…


After washing and rinsing off the cleaning solution on the rug, we will put it in temperature-controlled equipment. Carpet Cleaners Boston MA uses a highly-specialized drying machine to ensure that your rug comes out soft and clean…

When our three-step rug cleaning Boston is complete, we will do our final check. It is to ensure that we have eliminated all dust, dirt, bacteria, stains, and spots from your well-loved rug. If everything is fine, we will inform you that your rug is ready for pick-up or delivery. Carpet Cleaners Boston MA is committed to providing you the best service for rug cleaning in Boston.
We offer FREE quotations after our assessment process. You can also request for us to pick-up and deliver your rug.
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5 Types Of Specialty Rugs

A specialty rug is one of the best investments you can have in your residential and office space. It can complete the entire theme of your room. But as much as your rug adds an accent to space, it also welcomes all kinds of stuff – human food traffic, pet dander, food crumbs, paper pieces, spills, and many more. Vacuuming can still remove a significant amount of dirt, but cleaning can just be superficial. If you want to restore your area’s rug to its original glory, you need the help of the #1 professional rug cleaner in Boston.

So, what are the most popular specialty rugs? Here are five specialty rugs that we specialize in cleaning.

In the olden days, the Persians used their rugs to seal door gaps from the draft and outdoor sand. As centuries passed, Persian rugs turned into the perfect piece of art in homes and offices because of their intrinsic and breath-taking designs.

It is necessary to handle Persian rugs delicately because a traditional handmade piece may need years to finish. We admire this kind of art, and we are experts in Persian rug cleaning. We only use eco-friendly, gentle detergent or cleaning solutions to clean your rugs. Our rug technician will use the most delicate technique to prevent Turco Persian

Persian Rugs

Oriental Chinese rugs soared to popularity in the 19th century. But did you know that every color, decor, motif, and design in each piece has meanings? For example, lotuses or lilies mean purity, while bamboo signifies honor, power, and wealth.

Now, imagine your well-loved Oriental Chinese rug stained with wine and food spills. It must not be delightful. Fortunately, we have a specially-designed cleaning process for Oriental Chinese rugs. We do not use over-the-counter cleaning agents, like harsh commercial rug disinfectants that might increase your rug’s damage instead of cleaning it. We designed a thorough yet gentle cleaning process that uses tools and soft and non-toxic cleaning agents to bring back the life of your Oriental Chinese rug.

Oriental Rugs

Authentic silk rugs have very delicate fiber. They can quickly wear off, so it is best to put them where there is low traffic in your home or office. If not handled by a professional rug cleaner in Boston, your silk rug might be damaged by hard chemicals and high-heat temperature drying.

Silk rug cleaning can be challenging, especially if the material used is real thin silk. While its fibers can stand dusting and washing, their dye might fade if the wrong technique and cleaning solutions are used. Our team will handle your silk rug with utmost care. Our expert technicians are fully trained to clean your rugs to make them good as new.

Silk Rugs

Cowhide rugs are popular in households with members prone to allergic reactions because they are hypoallergenic. However, you need to take note that every item is unique. Each cowhide rug has a different quality, which depends on the tanning technique used. While this kind of mat is durable, it can quickly build up dirt if placed in a high-traffic area.

Proper handling of cowhide rugs is essential. Doing DIY might result in loss of cowhide hair, loss of luster, and edge curling. Our expert team can do cowhide rug cleaning and restoration. We have rug technicians who are experienced in rug patching and repair.

Cowhide Rugs

In 6000 B.C., people already used wool floorings from sheep and other domesticated animals. Over time, while Oriental Chinese rugs became popular, wool rugs are still present in many homes and offices. The wool quality will depend on the animal’s diet, breed, and place of origin. The higher the quality of the rug is, the more extended durability it has.

Wool rugs are like sponges. They quickly absorb colors from dyes without compromising their fibers. We understandsthe importance of handling them properly to avoid fading and fiber damage.

Wool Rugs

Let The Experts Handle
Your Rug Cleaning

Area rugs, including specialty rugs like Oriental and Persian rugs, are valuable accents to homes and offices. They can be exquisitely designed, handmade, and expensive. It is best if you leave its cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing to professional rug cleaners Boston because of its value.

Regular vacuuming is still necessary, but having the professionals do extensive cleaning will lengthen the lifespan of your valuable rug. Let Carpet Cleaners Boston help you. Why? It is because we offer:

  • Skilled, trained, and dedicated rug technicians
  • Eco-friendly, gentle rug detergents
  • High-quality machine for rug dusting, washing, and drying
  • Guaranteed, reliable, and affordable prices

But, do you know what sets us apart from the rest?
Carpet Cleaners Boston MA has:

Rug Pick-up Service

Carpet Cleaners Boston can do pick-up of rugs within the city. We can arrange
pick-ups within the day or the next day, depending on our workload. But, a part
of our promise is that we are the fastest rug cleaning company in

Post-Care Delivery within 7 days

Our proven cleaning system done by our professional rug technicians team
allows us to provide the quickest rug cleaning service. We can bring you back
your rug clean, soft, and good as new in as early as seven days.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Carpet Cleaners Boston aims to provide only the best rug cleaning service in
Boston. We offer re-cleaning, free of charge if you are unsatisfied with the results.


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