Common Types of Rug Stains and Ways to Remove Them

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Common rug stains and how to remove them

Although most things that get stained are stained on purpose, it’s unfortunate that coffee, wine, and mud stains are inseparable components of everyday life. Of course, preventing the issue in the first place is always an option, but our best option is to learn how to get rid of the mess before it occurs.


Vacuuming on a regular basis helps maintain your rug appearing clean. However, even the best vacuum won’t be able to remove difficult stains. For any issue, there is a precise remedy to help you look like you’ve just gone through a deep cleaning (or, if not, to at least help your area look clean).

Thankfully, it’s not difficult, just like what rug cleaner boston advises. Follow these simple steps below to get your rug looking new.

Step 1: Eliminate Excess Immediately

Scrape off any excess solid as soon as possible to avoid permanent discoloration. To prevent spreading, gently blot any remaining liquid from the stain’s border to the center. Always blot rather than rub to avoid rug damage. The fabric must be cleaned until it loses all color.

Step 2: Apply a Stain Remover to the Rug

Remove any stains with a rug stain remover. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. Cleaning the rug with vinegar is also an option. Instead of buying a costly commercial stain remover, mix one teaspoon mild dishwashing liquid with 1-quart warm water, adding 14 teaspoons white vinegar. Don’t soak the stain with a floor or rug cleaning solution since this may damage the covering. Instead, wait 10 minutes before using.

Always test for colorfastness before using a cleaning chemical to a stain on your rug.

Step 3: Remove the Stain

Rub with a clean, white, absorbent cloth. Keep removing stains until they are gone. Next, wash and dry the glass with cold water. This is a great drying method: Reduce basement moisture by covering a 1/2-inch layer of fabric or paper towels. Replace the paper towels as it dries and weigh them down with something heavy.


Most Common Rug Stain Removals

Spots and spills may degrade a rug, making your purchase look old, discolored, and shabby.

The following paragraphs have been prepared to help you to avoid the spots and spills that wind up on carpets, making carpets look unclean and dirty.

Red Wine Stains

Due to its acidity and dark color, red wine is known to stain light rugs. The rug’s fiber type also matters, with porous fibers soaking up more trash.

But there’s hope. Red wine should always be removed—an easy wet spill cleanup.

Remove red wine with a white cloth first (towels or paper towels will also work). Then, try to remove the red wine stain. Working from the outside in will help contain the stain.

Plain water (1 tbsp liquid dish soap + 1 tbsp white vinegar + 2 c warm water) Be careful not to overdo it.

Coffee Stains

Catching spills helps. It depends on the carpeting, coffee, and coffee temperature. Rugs made of natural fibers absorb spills better.

Work from the outside in with a white cloth. In case of stains, use dishwashing detergent in warm water. Spray and wipe.

Recommended: Refill the wicking with water after removing extra liquid with a white kitchen towel. No spray bottle? Just add detergent and warm water until it foams. Then, use a sponge to lift the foam and apply it to the spill.

Blood Stains

Using a spray bottle, fill it halfway with cold water. Prepare a spray bottle by filling it halfway with cold water. Repeatedly spray the wet blood area. Using a cotton towel, dab it dry. Make absolutely sure to blot instead of rubbing the impacted area to avoid spreading the infection.

Repeat these steps until the wet blood has completely disappeared. Then, allow again, working the area to air dry or use a wet mop to dry it.

Pet Stains

Clean up urine as soon as possible after it hits the floor and while the rug is still wet. Once the urine has dried, the odor will become embedded in the rug fibers.

To absorb the urine, place a towel or several layers of paper towels on the area. Assemble the towel in such a way that it pushes into the rug and absorbs the maximum amount of urine possible.

Then, combine 2 cups vinegar, 2 cups warm water, and four tablespoons baking soda in a solution. Fill a spray bottle halfway with a solution and sprinkle the soiled area. Allow 5–10 minutes to sit. Using a soft cloth, blot it.


Vomit Stains

Vomit’s acid content can quickly stain a surface, so wipe it up as soon as possible. Next, remove larger chunks with a dustpan or scraper. Finally, to remove excess moisture, blot with a towel.

Combine 2 cups warm water, one tablespoon salt, one tablespoon liquid dish soap, and 1/2 cup vinegar in a solution. Apply the mixture to the soiled area using a soft cloth or sponge. Lightly blot. Repeat the procedure above a few more times to completely remove a stubborn stain. Once the stain has been removed, wipe the area with a cloth dipped in clean water. With a towel, blot dry.



While you may be hesitant to admit this, you will inevitably face your shortcomings at some point. Your rugs are painstakingly protected in the hopes that nothing ever damages them, and suddenly you’re confronted with something unfortunate like a stain from a spilled cup of coffee, a drop of blood, or an injury to a cherished pet.

To remove carpet stains successfully, it is important to know which procedures work and have tried and proven approaches and methods to help you tackle the stains. So calm yourself, and before you know it, that stain will be gone!


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