Common Households Items that can Remove Carpet Stains

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Carpet stains are common frustrations of homeowners, especially those keen on a neat and flawless setting. Mothers, in particular, would love to see their homes free from unwanted stains and clutters. 

But here is the thing. Carpet stains are more often than not inevitable, especially if you have playful kids who love the outdoors or naughty pets like cats and dogs running around. Sure. You can always call for an agency that provides cleaning services. But they often come with hefty prices that are not friendly for budget homeowners. 

Thankfully, you can do the cleaning yourself. After all, there are everyday household items and solutions that you can use to wipe out various kinds of unappealing carpet stains like pet urine, chocolate, and red wine.

Here are some of them. Note that these apply for carpet cleaning in Boston, including steam carpet cleaning.

  1. Beer

Removing coffee or tea stain from your rug may seem a daunting task, but by pouring a bit of beer on top, you can lift it out. The stain should disappear if you rub the beer lightly into the material. To remove all the traces of the stain, you may have to repeat the steps twice or more. 

  1. Ammonia

Consider using one cup of clear ammonia mixed with two liters or half a gallon of warm water to lift out stains from upholstery and carpeting. Allow the solution to dry on the stains and if there are still traces, repeat the entire process. 

  1. Vinegar

Guess what common household item is dubbed as the superhero of stain remover. It’s vinegar! Not only does it work well in removing stains but in cleaning as a whole. To remove different kinds of common stains, consider using the following formulas:

  • Mix two tablespoons of salt with half a cup of white vinegar and gently rub the mixture on the stained portion of the carpet. Vacuum the carpet when the solution dries. 
  • Follow the same process but add two tablespoons of borax for darker or larger stains to double the intensity level. Vacuum also upon drying of the solution. 
  • Make a paste of one tablespoon cornstarch with one tablespoon vinegar and rub the solution to ground dirt and tough stains with a dry cloth. Allow the paste to dry on the stained portion for two days before vacuuming. 
  • Use a solution consisting of two cups of water, one and a half teaspoons of laundry detergent, and one and a half teaspoons vinegar for spilled paint. Before the paint settles in, apply the solution immediately using a sponge. Rinse with cold water afterward. 
  • Apply a mixture of one and a half tablespoons of white vinegar and one tablespoon of laundry detergent for fruit and fruit juice stains. Don’t forget to add two cups of water to the solution. Ensure thorough application of the solution before the stain worsens and then blot. 
  • Mix one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar and use the mixture for tea and coffee stains. Don’t forget to blot the stain afterward. 
  1. Shaving Cream

If you have playful kids around and they happen to spill a cup of orange juice on the carpet, apply some shaving cream on the spot. Blot the stain right away, wipe with a wet sponge, put some shaving cream on it, and then pat it clean with a damp sponge. Shaving cream can also effectively rid your carpet of oil stains and grease. Apply the cream into the stain, dry it, and wipe it off with a soft wet cloth. 

  1. Cornstarch and Milk

Imagine this. Your kid goes running around then accidentally flips your printer, thus, spilling its ink on the carpet. Instead of whining around, rescue your carpet right away with a simple solution. Make a paste out of cornstarch and milk mixture, then apply it to the ink stain. Let the homemade solution settle on the carpet for some hours before brushing off the dried residues and vacuuming it. You can also effectively remove oil stains and grease using cornstarch. Apply the powder on the stained part liberally and let them settle for a day before vacuuming up. 

  1. Salt

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To boost the power of another homemade carpet stain remover, apply a sprinkle of salt:

  • If you accidentally spill red wine on your white carpet, never panic! To dilute the color, pour some white wine on the stained part while the red wine is still wet. Then use a sponge and cold water to clean the spot. Afterward, sprinkle the area with salt and let it sit for ten minutes. Start vacuuming up the whole clutter after. 
  • Mix one part salt to four parts rubbing alcohol and apply it hard on the grease stain. Do so gently to ensure that you’re rubbing in the direction of the rug’s usual spot.
  • Think of ketchup getting spilled on your carpet. That’s quite a mess. What’s worse is that ketchup is almost impossible to remove once it dries out, so take swift action. Sprinkle salt on the stain and let it settle for some minutes before vacuuming. Use a wet sponge to remove the residues and continuously repeat the process until no traces remain. 
  1. Borax

After dampening the stained area:

  1. Apply some borax.
  2. Allow the spot to dry the blot with a mixture of equal parts of soapy water and vinegar or vacuum it.
  3. Repeat the same steps until the traces are entirely gone.
  4. Before applying the solution to the stain, consider testing it on a carpet scrap or an inconspicuous corner of the rug. 


  1. WD-40

Did you know that you can spray WD-40 to remove common stains such as ink away from your carpet? Following that, let the substance settle for a minute or two before cleaning it with a sponge and warm soap water. You can also apply other regular carpet cleaners. Continue doing the said steps until no traces remain. 

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Are you not sure of what the stain is ruining your carpet’s view? No worries. You can still use a magical substance to remove it, including mystery stains. Consider using this effective and potent homemade formula to eliminate the stain: Create a solution of a dab of non-gel toothpaste or cream of tarter with a teaspoon of three percent of hydrogen peroxide. Use a soft cloth to rub the paste gently on the stain. Regardless of the kind of stain, it should be gone in a while. But here’s the thing. Take extra caution when using the solution and ensure no kids or pets are playing around to avoid possible accidents. 

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is the best choice to quickly remove urine or vomit stains from your carpet among everyday household items. Apply the baking soda on the stained part of the carpet, then wipe with a paper towel. Before vacuuming up the residue, let the baking soda solution completely dries. The said substance can deodorize, sanitize, and clean the stained carpet. When mixed with equal parts of salt, baking soda can also be applied to lift grease stains. Apply the solution over the grease portion and use a stiff brush to move the powdery concoction into the greasy part. Let that settle for at least four hours, then vacuum to remove all traces. 

  1. Meat Tenderizer

Let’s say you accidentally slipped, causing some scraped knees that left bloodstains on the carpet. Use equal parts of meat tenderizer and cold water to cover the stain and let that settle for at least 30 minutes. Wipe the solution off using cold water. 

  1. Club Soda

Club soda effectively wipes off tough stains, including pet urine. After applying it to the stained part, blot up immediately using paper towels before soaking with club soda. Repeat blotting and use diluted carpet shampoo as a scrubbing agent. Club soda can also sponge off tea stains and spilled black coffee. It’s simple. Pout the club soda solution liberally over the stain and allow blotting to dry. 


  1. Baby Wipes

You might have piles of baby wipes on your closets. It’s time to use them for something more instead of the typical applications. This time, use baby wipes to blot up stains from your carpet or rug. Since they can absorb both the stain and the liquid, they are ideal homemade carpet cleaners. When dealing with different drips and spills on your upholstered furniture and clothing, baby wipes can also be used as a homemade stain remover. 


  1. Toothbrushes

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Stain removal can drive your patience and sanity to the limit, primarily if it has settled deep down into soft fibers. Consider then using soft-bristled nylon to remove those deep stains. Continuously and gently dab the toothbrush along with vinegar, bleach, and other stain-removing agents until all traces are gone. See? Toothbrushes clean not only the teeth but also unwanted stains on your precious carpets. 

So those are some of the most common household items that you can use in wiping off stains from your carpets. 



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