Carpets: Common Types and How to Clean Them

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Carpets can affect the health and well-being of your home. Neglecting carpet cleaning on your routine can make your carpets collect dust, mold, and other types of allergens and toxins. It is the best idea to schedule a professional carpet cleaning regularly. Professional Carpet cleaning companies can help you in your carpet dilemma and keep your carpets healthy and fresh. 


In this article, we tackle the things that you should know about the different types of carpets and the ways of cleaning them.





Berber is the most popular choice in a loop pile carpet. It is almost always present in new homes since it has a modern and neutral look. This carpet is long-lasting and durable. It is made from a series of looped yarn that is looped lower and tighter than the other loop pile carpet variations. Since its loops are tightly packed, they create a very dense texture that holds and stays, making it always look new. Berber consists of a variety of thicker yarns which makes it resilient.


How to Clean


In cleaning a Berber carpet, blot dries the area first to avoid spreading any stains into the fabric. Lightly dampen the site and let it dry again. Do not attempt to scrub the carpet since you will only damage its fibers, creating fuzziness and snags. 


Level Loop

It is made from a series of looped yarn measured precisely to ensure that every loop has the same length. Thus, giving the carpet a very uniform look and comfortable feel. Its small loops give the carpet a tight look, making it solid, hard-wearing, and resistant to catching on sharp objects. This carpet is also reluctant to show vacuum marks and footprints, making it well suited to foot traffic areas such as stairways and children’s playrooms, where it provides a soft landing for toddlers. 


How to Clean


In cleaning level-loop carpets, using a cylinder cleaner with a suction head is usually a good preference. Be cautious not to use the rotating brush, for it can snag the loops and damage your carpet. Use a cleaner with a beater bar and brush when vacuuming your carpet.


Multi-Level Loop


Multi-level Loop carpets are made from yarn loops with varying heights creating a more unevenly textured finish of the carpet. This type of carpet is also called a high-loop pile, with some high loops and some are low. Due to the random height of its loops, it gives off a more relaxed texture and graphic pattern. It is very durable, and if you have a problem with stains that you cannot remove, it can blend well with the carpet’s texture. Thus, it makes the stains unnoticeable. 


The higher the loops this carpet has, the more it will have a softer feel on feet. However, even though it has a more luxurious look and feel than other carpets, it can age more quickly since the foot traffic often flattens the higher loops. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to keep this type of carpet away from areas with high foot traffic.


How to Clean


A strong vacuum that will suck the loops upward is often used in cleaning this type of carpet. Keep the loops upward and vertical for a bit longer.




With a textured loop pile, the sisal carpet is aligned in rows to create a striped pattern. This type of carpet has different loop heights creating unique looks and textures. Its design does not often have solid shapes but can create geometric patterns using rows of loops as its base. Because of its durability and hard-wearing features, sisal carpet can survive for ages.


How to Clean

In cleaning a sisal carpet, mop the spill immediately, if any is done using an un-dyed paper towel or un-dyed cloth. You may use a brush or a sponge to clean the discolored area with a small amount of detergent or carpet shampoo and rinse it off with lukewarm water. If you are cannot wait longer and want to dry your carpet quickly, you can use a hairdryer. 




Saxony carpets have loops cut with the same length, leaving them with an even finish. This carpet has threads that are longer in size and have a slightly twisted look. It gives off a luxurious, impressive look to a room by having formal and cozy, comfortable designs. However, it is not ideal to use it in areas with high foot traffic, for it can easily show footprints and even vacuum marks. You may place it in rooms where you do not frequently use it but want to make it look neat.


Due to its very uniform look, you can easily see any imperfections. It is also difficult to hide these imperfections or stains compared to the other carpet types. Because of its high-quality features, the Saxony carpet is one of the most expensive carpets.


How to Clean


As with most carpets, it also needs regular vacuuming. However, Saxony carpets can show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. It is ideal for vacuuming often in quick bursts than using a more extended, more drawn-out approach. 

Final Thought


Even with the existing variety of flooring options available today, carpets are still among the best alternatives for many households. It provides warmth and comfort, especially in the cold seasons. If you are to purchase a carpet, it is crucial to consider factors like cleaning and maintenance and to whatever purpose you are going to use your carpet.


If you want carpets that can withstand high foot traffic or vacuum marks, you can choose among Berber, level-loop, and sisal carpets, for they are highly durable and resistant to footprints and marks. Alternatively, if you want a more cozy and softer feeling texture, Saxony and multi-level loop carpets can be good choices.


With the different cleaning types, it is still best to have your carpet cleaning done by professional carpet cleaners. 



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